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The Enchantment collection is inspired by childhood innocence, adventure and fun. The freedom of childhood and it's magic memories. Images of butterflies, daisies, blowing bubbles and making daisy chains depict this beautifully.

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cuba Havana

The Cuba Havana cotton collection is inspired by my travels there. My own photography of the Art Deco architecture, American vintage cars and the vibrant street life. These scarves are multi purpose as sarongs. Create Brown Thomas 2017 featured my 5 Cuban Havana scarves.



Kilkee Collcetion is inspired by the West Coast of Clare, Ireland. The hidden gem of rock pools of water known as the pollock holes, Kilkee. Also the beautiful Atlantic Ocean and rugged Doonbeg Doughmore beach.

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The Enlightenment collection is inspired by the beautiful play of light in dusk and at dawn. The mystery captured in city scenes and historical architecture in twilight such as Powerscourt. The enlightened light of the sunset and sunrise.

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The Maps collection is inspired by Sarah's love of travel and especially cosmopolitan city's such as London and Pari. Vibrant play of colours of Paris, metroLondond vector mapalongside Carribean destination.


Tony O Connor

The Tony O Connor Equine Collection is a limited edition prints on scarves. Tony is an equine artist born in Kerry. The horse and the beauty of it majestic form and spirit are the basis of his canvas.