Luxury Silk And Cashmere Scarves Made in Italy
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The Swan Song Collection is a limited edition collection of oversized scarves both in fine wool maglia and cashmere modal. This safari inspired collection was curated on camera by Sarah at Leopardsong Reserve Johannesburg South Africa.

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Irish Heritage

A collection of Sarah’s most treasured places to visit in Ireland. All captured by Sarah on camera and limited edition. The West of Ireland and it’s natural beauty holds a special place in Sarahs’ heart as does Powerscourt Wicklow.

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Bubbles &


The Bubbles and florals enchantment Collection is inspired by childhood innocence, adventure and fun. The freedom of childhood and its magical memories. Images of butterflies, daisies, blowing bubbles and making daisy chains depicts this beautifully.

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The Tony O Connor Equine Collection is a limited edition prints on scarves. Tony is an equine artist born in Kerry. The horse and the beauty of it majestic form and spirit are the basis of his canvas.

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Organic Cashmere

Organic Cashmere is simple and clean. Pure unbleached, untreated fibres.



The Cities Collection is a Collection inspired by Sarahs’ travels to her favourite City destinations. All depicted through Sarahs’ own camera lense. In all her City collections the play of light at dusk and at dawn plays a part. From Roman Architecture at twilight to Cuban Colonial street scenes Sarahcaptures her own special personal memories.