The Story Behind The Collections


Creatively inspired by childhood innocence, fairy tale and imagination. The true magic of mother nature. The delicacy color spectrum of bubbles, the beauty of daisy chains, and the wonder and awe of children playing without a care in the world.








Creatively inspired by the beautiful and romantic play of light, seen in both landscapes and city scenes close to my heart at dusk and at dawn. The majesty, mystical and historical air of the emerald isle.







Italian Venetian

Inspired by Renaissance fine art, Venetian biblical fresco depictions. My inspiration derived from my love story of Italy, angels and my studies in Art History. A truly elegant, romantic and beautiful collection was born. 






Peter Homan's Limited Edition Printed Scarves. 

Peter is a Dublin based artist. He received a degree in Fine Art in DLAIDT in 2004, even though he would consider himself mainly self-taught. He holds interest in all forms of painting, particularly on canvas using oil, where he feels most at home, to mixed media. His most recent exhibition in 2013 was an exhibition of abstract work, from sea and landscapes to cave paintings were he found inspiration from the Cave Paintings in Europe.